iFoster iCare: There's An App For That

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Bio Parent Communication

Communicate with bio parents directly through the app with messaging, calling, and video calling features. No need to share personal phone numbers or Facebook pages.

Visit and Appointment Scheduling

Parent visits, court dates, and other important appointments can be easily scheduled, marked complete, rescheduled, or missed using Foster Accountability’s calendar feature. You can enter visit or appointment notes and easily export reports.

Manage Several Children At Once

Do you have more than one child in your care? Foster Accountability allows you to manage several children in one app. Manage each child separately, communicate with each child’s bio parents separately, manage their medications, upload placement documents all from the child’s profile account. You can even combine sibling groups to manage them together.

Easy Reporting

Generate reports from personal notes, appointments, medications, visitation notes and messages that are time and date stamped to give quick accurate reports and updates to agencies.

Managing Foster and Kinship Care children has never been so easy!

We are now gearing up for our beta program and will be inviting participants to enroll soon. If you would like an invitation to our beta program please complete the form below. 

The Foster Accountability App will be available in both the Apple and Google Play Stores. 

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