Hey Foster and Kinship Parents

*Are you tired of having to use multiple apps to complete one task?

*Do you make the mistake of forgetting what happened during an appointment?

*Would you be more effective if you could spend more time nurturing your foster children and less time managing them?

*Wouldn’t you like to hold bio parents accountable for attending and completing their visits?

    If you answered yes to any of these, we have the solution for you! 


    The Foster Accountability App

    A first of its kind app that helps foster and kinship parents manage, document, and track the day to day activities of the children in their care.

    Visit and Appointment Scheduling

    Parent visits, court dates, and other important appointments can be easily scheduled, marked complete, rescheduled, or missed using Foster Accountability’s calendar feature. You can enter visit or appointment notes and easily export reports.

    Bio Parent Communication

    Communicate with bio parents directly through the app. No need to share personal phone numbers or Facebook pages.

    Manage Several Children At Once

    Do you have more than one child in your care? Foster Accountability allows you to manage several children in one app. Manage each child separately, communicate with each child’s bio parents separately, manage their medications, upload placement documents all from the child’s profile account. You can even combine sibling groups to manage them together.

    Easy Reporting

    Generate reports from personal notes, appointments, medications, visitation notes and messages that are time and date stamped to give quick accurate reports and updates to caseworkers and agencies.

    Available Soon for iOS and Android

    Foster Accountability App is currently in development and scheduled to release soon in the Apple and Google Play Stores. 

    We are working hard to provide an easier way to help manage children in Foster and Kinship Care.

    But Don't Wait, You Can


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    Foster Accountability App - VIP Early Access

    Register now for early access and lock in this rate for as long as you are signed up. You will be the first to use the app and the only to use it at this rate.

    7.99 USD

    You have been registered for early access and all of the perks that come with it.

    We are so excited to share in your journey. Check your email important information.

    Remember, sharing is caring! Go ahead and spread the word to other foster and kinship parents.

    This is a one-time payment. This includes 60-days of early access use of the app for VIP users only ONCE THE APP IS COMPLETE (we're working really hard to get this ready for early access release). 

    Once the app has been released to the public for use you will be charged the early access rate of $7.99 on a monthly basis. 

    Non VIP users will have a higher monthly subscription once the app is released for public use.

      Sharing Is Caring

      Don't forget to let other foster and kinship parents know about this exciting app so they too can make their documentation process easier!